Wellness In The Schools

Cook for Kids

In partnership with local Departments of Education, WITS operates the Cook for Kids program

in public school cafeterias and classrooms to promote healthy eating and combat childhood

obesity. WITS chefs teach children and their families how to cook healthy, delicious, and

affordable recipes featuring whole, unprocessed foods through our WITS Labs and WITS BITS,

series of seasonal cooking and nutrition classes.



Coach for Kids

WITS Coach for Kids program brings trained coaches onto public school recess yards to

encourage even the least active children to engage in fun and healthy physical activities. Coach

for Kids actively combats schoolyard bullying by building positive social skills through play and

fosters a sense of excitement around fitness.


Green for Kids

WITS Green for Kids combines edible gardening with environmental education in a way that is 

interactive and accessible for all students and schools. Utilizing mobile, hydroponic “Tower

Gardens” as our vehicle, WITS brings the school garden experience into classrooms and

cafeterias for hands-on learning.