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We pride ourselves on having the most talented and committed faculty. Our faculty delivers instruction that is both age appropriate within a structure of high expectations and prepares students for explorative projects that require inquiry, collaboration, and reflection. West Prep strives to develop students who will problem solve, think critically, and become socially responsible members of a diverse community.


Why, you may ask? We know our scholars are capable of excellence. We attract students who want to work hard and are relentless in mining their worth for all its worth. We are a community that cares deeply about our students as scholars, but more importantly, as people whom one day will be leaders and contribute to society in positive ways.


The School’s current organizational structure allows for team, grade level, and departmental collaboration on a regular basis with additional time for teachers to prepare robust lessons for students. Our curricula is an expression of West Prep’s magnet theme, which is to inspire a love for learning, to be agents of change, and to be self confident.


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