POSTED: November 05, 2018

West Prep Takes a Stand Against Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and to end the month off in its honor, PTA has partnered with The Tyler Clementi Foundation in their efforts to bring awareness to cyberbulling across the world and how we can all play an active role in stopping it NOW.

At West Prep Academy we stand for “Youth Voice Through Youth Media”. We constantly encourage and support our scholars in understanding the power of their voice, and their capacity to speak up and to demand change in the world around them, especially when it comes to media.

This is a great time for us as a WPA family to join the fight against cyberbullying!
In addition West Prep would like to thank Tarte Cosmetics and social media star Nabela for encouraging our scholars to kiss away bullying! Do something nice today. Smile. Write a note. Help someone in need. Bullying is never cool. #kissandmakeup#hurtpeoplehurtpeople #stopbullying