West Prep Students Visit Harvard

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Middle school students learn the value and influence of Hiphop culture through a special tour of Harvard University’s Hiphop Archives.


West Prep Academy Middle school students had the opportunity to attend a private tour of the Hiphop Archive & Research Institute at the Hutchins Center on the campus of Harvard University. 


Students attended this trip as part of a special class offered by the school called “Becoming a Recording Artist”.  This class was spearheaded by Adam Kearns, parent coordinator and Donzell Rodriguez, community associate at West Prep Academy.  The course was designed to teach the students about the process of becoming a recording artist, and to learn about all aspects of the recording industry. 


As part of their hands on learning, the class instructors reached out to Harvard University’s Archive to tour the center, see the collection of work, and learn about the history of Hiphop and its role in history and influence on American culture. 


Students not only attended this special trip to Harvard but also have met artists from the recording industry, and will be producing their own EP using professional equipment and industry grade software.