Marching Band

You can hear the amazing power of the West Prep Marching Band from blocks away! Students in band have entered citywide competitions, and won first place, and even marched in the Puerto Rican parade.  As a member of the band you can choose from trumpet, trombone, saxophone, tenor drum, trio drum, snare drum, or be part of the Titan Dancers! 



During media class students work on a range of projects from music production in garage band, to computer programming.  Our Media electives offer a time and space for scholars to take ownership of their learning and embark on a project that gives them creative and intellectual freedom.



All scholars at West Prep are participating in health classes to learn about healthy living, diet, exercise, and HIV, and the reproductive system.  Health curriculum varies from grade to grade.


Titan Studio

Titan Studios are offered every Thursday afternoon for an hour.  Students take part in a robust elective program where they choose from a menu of options such as sign language, journalism, yearbook and art portfolio preparation.  Titan Studios take part in two celebrations per year called Arts Showcases and are held in December and June.