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Reel Works Teen Film Making has landed at West Prep Academy and things are happening.  Our focus is on story telling and here at West Prep Academy there are many stories to be told. Students are at the core of our community and we want to hear your voices. Reel Works is a space for learning and mentorship. We teach the art and technical components of digital storytelling. We’re here at West Prep to develop 21st Century citizens by increasing media awareness, publishing student work and providing multiple avenues for individual expression and collaborative work.




Oct 9, 2014 Yearbook Club Members Announced

Congratulations to the following students for landing the following roles in this year's Yearbook Club! Your job applications have been reviewed and your job titles are now assigned! 
1-601 Devin Pena - Academic Editor
2-602 Arbnor Sahiti - Photo Editor
3-603 Sharon Brown - Academic Editor
4-603 Erick Hernandez - Sports Photographer
5-603 Emma Liggins - Photo Editor
6-701 Brianna Ferrer - Club/Organization Photographer
7-701 Armando Hierrezuleo - Sports Photographer
8-701 Renieer Parker - Events Photographer
9-701 Alliyah Prince - Layout Designer
10-701 Tanearia Scott - Photo Editor
11-702 Akayla Bonner - Events Photographer
12-702 Chantey Bracey - Club/Organization Photographer
13-702 Matthew Sumpter - Academic Life Editor
14-801 Vance Fulgam - Sports Photographer
15-802 Angelica Alvarez - Assistant Editor-in-chief
16-802 Tatyana Miranda - Student Life Editor

Oct 1, 2014 Science with Ms. Braxton
In Ms. Braxton's Science class, students conducted their own science experiments. Above, scholars engaged in an experiment that also incorporated their favorite sport, basketball.

The Task:

8th Grade Science Scholars conducted an investigation seeing if an increase in practice time will chance the amount of successful free throw shots made.

Student's Hypothesis:

If you were to increase the amount of time spent practicing, then you will increase the number of free throw shots you will make because the more time you practice the better your muscles will remember what to do when you go to the free throw line.






Oct 2, 2014 Titan Times

The Titan Times is produced by the Journalism Studio. Our Scholar-Journalists identify issues that are important to them and to their peers. The article writing process begins with background research on the topic, followed by generating sophisticated questions, and interviewing stakeholders, and culminating in synthesizing all this information into well planned news articles. Topics range from those particular to West Prep, to those of national and even global importance.


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